Social inequalities are a central issue for the social sciences. We are all located within a structure of unequal relations of power, status and economic resources with lasting consequences, and our choices and opportunities are enabled or constrained by these unequal relations.

Social science is concerned with the lived experiences of these inequalities, how they reproduce, and how they persist and endure. Once only understood as an issue of economics and politics, the understanding of social inequalities has now expanded to include symbolic representations of cultural difference.

Keynote speakers

Call for papers

The ENQUIRE Conference Team invite doctoral and early career researchers to submit abstracts concerned with social inequalities.  Abstracts on empirical and theoretical research on social inequalities, which could be based on, but not limited to, the following broad themes are welcomed:

  • Social class
  • Gender
  • ‘Race’, ethnicity, and the nation
  • Disability
  • Sexuality
  • Age and the life course
  • Education
  • Health
  • Place and space
  • Global inequalities
  • Intersections of inequality

This is a one day event, costing £10, to be held on Saturday 25 February 2017. The ENQUIRE Conference Team welcome abstracts of 250-350 words in length for presentations of 15 minutes, to be submitted to by 25 October 2016.