Educational Research Group

Department of Education, University of York. Sharing and Discussing Educational Research.


This site is run by PhD Students studying in the Department of Education at The University of York, UK. Our aim is to create an online research community where both full and part time students have the opportunity to share and discuss educational research and to reflect on current issues in education. We also hope that this site will function as a support network for postgraduate researchers. It serves as a space for more experienced students and academics to share their experiences, offering guidance on various aspects of the PhD process and of engaging in educational research.  We will also share information about relevant conferences and other events as well as research training available either at the University of York or through another institution.



Individuals contributing to and commenting on this blog should be aware that this site is accessible to the public, you should bear this in mind when writing posts and sharing information. 

Email addresses and any other personal details, other than the author’s name (unless otherwise requested), provided when contacting editors or making comments will not be shared/ made public. Requests for posts will remain confidential. 

Views expressed here are those of individual contributors/ commenters and not of the editors, The University of York or of our department. 

Complaints and queries should be addressed to our lead editor. 




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