Educational Research Group

Department of Education, University of York. Sharing and Discussing Educational Research.


We welcome contributions from postgraduates at all stages of the PhD process, in addition to guest posts from academics conducting research in the social sciences. Here are some guidelines on contributing to the blog:

  • write-for-our-blog-courage-our-new-guest-post-seriesPosts should be between 500-1,000 words long
  • Your contribution may:
    • Reflect on current issues/ developments in education, making links to your own or other people’s research.
    • Present a specific aspect of your research and discuss it in detail (e.g. an area of the related literature, a method you have used, some interesting findings).
    • Offer guidance on/ shares experiences of an aspect of the PhD process or of engaging in educational research more generally (e.g. the viva/ upgrade, teaching, accessing schools, time management and project planning, research ethics).
    • Respond to another post on the blog, or to a presentation given in an ERG meeting.
    • Review a conference/ seminar/ workshop/ training event you have attended.
  • If you are not sure what to write about, feel free to contact us (via email or in person) to discuss your ideas.
  • We also have room for a number of shorter news/ bulletin posts (e.g. advertising conferences, workshops and useful websites).
  • We welcome submissions of posters – either ones that you have already presented, or ones that you are working on – feedback from your peers may help you to improve it!
  • Calls for participants will also be published – please provide a short description of your project and what it is that you need participants to do for you.  Please include links to any online surveys/questionnaires.
  • Be mindful of the fact that not all readers will be a specialist in your field. Assume an intelligent but non-specialist audience.
  • Provide links to articles/ books/ documents/ websites
  • Email your post to us (see contact page), with at least 5 keywords, a picture of yourself and a short ‘bio’.
  • Comments, whilst being critical and generating discussion and debate, should be supportive, encouraging and constructive.
  • If would like guidance on or an insight into other people’s experiences of any aspect of the PhD process or of engaging in educational research, you can also request a post. Where possible, we will then ask a more experienced PhD student or an academic to write the post.

The following sites provide examples of blogs relating to educational/ social research:

LSE Impact of Social Sciences Blog-

IOE London Blog-

BERA Respecting Children and Young People Blog-


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